I’m a bass player, composer and producer based in North Macedonia, Europe. In 2003, I’ve began my career as a member of a well-known band in my country FOLTIN gaining extensive experience in making music and sound design for theatre, motion pictures, documentaries and adverts as well as releasing seven albums and touring with acts in over 30 Countries in Europe and Asia. The score for the 2020 ACADEMY AWARDS two categories nominee documentary HONEYLAND is one of the best achievements of the huge production that I and my band Foltin created this last 25 years.

Growing up on the crossway of Europe and Asia after I found my true calling in music, At the National Academy of Music, Bulgaria I have earned a Bachelor of Pop and Jazz Music Double bass. Lots of COLLABS and Scoring for Motion Pictures, Theatre and TV for the most of the best directors in the Balkans, drove my desire to extend myself in other areas of production, namely Music for Media. 

Full list of music that I have available to license can be found under the name MooveKa. A diverse range of companies looking for scores to augment their video assets are using my truly memorable commercial-sounding original music. I also work extensively on custom-made tracks as well.